About you

Are you a leader? Are you passionate about serving others? Do you want to be part of a start-up company that's changing the game in workplace wellness? Are you looking for a career in that allows you to combine your love for fitness and your smarts? Do you want a stable schedule (no holidays or weekends), a salary and paid time off? Do you want to get better every day, emotionally and physically?

If this sounds like your jam, then go ahead and apply! We'd love to get to know you!

To apply, complete the application form and take our Culture Index Survey: https://www.cindexinc.com/c/FED028

Position Summary

This is a management role that includes 50-60% of time spent coaching group-based, high-intensity, functional fitness classes. You’ll be responsible for facilitating the flawless execution of the daily Trodo experience, and will be responsible for implementing the Trodo coaching model to drive athlete engagement, and membership growth at the client site. Additionally, you will play a key role in developing other Trodo leaders and managing the relationship with the client leadership team.

This is a salaried role at 1 location for 45-50 hours per week. This role includes 1-hour per day to complete the Trodo workout, a stable schedule, no holidays, no weekends and 10 days paid time off! Too good to be true? Nope. It's for real, but when you're on, you're on....working your tail off, playing and smiling all day long, while making an epic impact on the Trodo tribe! If you want to be a part of a scrappy little start-up that's bound to change the world, then this career is for you!

About us

Trodo was founded in 2013, and built its brand and expertise by delivering fitness events across Chicago to +40 CrossFit affiliates, along with consulting services to box owners to optimize athlete engagement by studying and replicating love in the boutique, functional fitness environment, while optimizing end-to-end business operations. The expertise built in this space, coupled with the brand served served as the platform to build relationships with workplaces to expand expand functional fitness across the United States, to rebuild social connection and health.

We have one workplace client in Chicago, IL and are focused on growing our reach to 20 locations in the Chicagoland area by the end of 2020. Trodo at Work is the future of wellbeing.

What we do

We’re reimagining potential to help people live the best lives possible. We transform employee wellbeing, by driving social connection and health in the workplace, while strengthening company cultures to drive business performance. We do this by delivering life-changing health and fitness programs. We believe that all people, across all socioeconomic classes, deserve the right to have access to resources and support to live a healthy life, so we’re making group-based fitness more emotionally and financially accessible, at work.

We create an environment where it’s safe for people to put themselves out there, all united in the pursuit of getting better every day. As Trodo leaders, we commit to seeing people across all walks of life, we serve relentlessly and love intensely, to create the conditions for magic to happen.

We are leaders

We are leaders. We set the example for hundreds of people, and our impact expands to thousands. We lead by example through our commitment to a Trodo life. To serve intensely and love relentlessly, we must be rooted in strength and self-love to create the conditions for our athletes to practice vulnerability to build strength. We practice vulnerability, compassion and connection to live a wholehearted life.

As Trodo Leaders, we strive to get better together daily, emotionally and physically through dedicated, structured self-development time. We provide a career path and the environment for you to thrive. We provide ongoing mentorship and support, a competitive salary, a stable schedule, paid time off and a Lululemon clothing stipend. We’re committed to your growth and development as much as we’re committed to changing the world. It all starts with you!

Experience Required

  • Commitment to Fitness: formal education and/or certification(s) in the fitness field, and some coaching experience is a plus; group fitness, CrossFit and/or barbell certifications are a plus.
  • Fitness Methodology Alignment: aligns with and practices high intensity, functional fitness, combining body weight movement, cardio and barbell movements. Must be proficient at functional barbell movements.
  • College Degree: required. A focus on business or exercise science is a plus, but not required.
  • Business Acumen: experience in the corporate work environment and ability to prepare documentation and lead professional meetings with client leadership is required.
  • Leadership Experience: experience in a leadership role is required.
  • Mobility / Soft Tissue Care: experience is a plus, and desire and excitement to learn advanced mobility techniques is required.
  • Savvy w/ Technology: ability to use email, excel, word, etc., and cool as a cucumber when learning new tips and tricks.

Coach Responsibilities

  • Lead by example: live a Trodo life; party / workout 5x per week and work daily to improve yourself wholeheartedly committing to our Trotality program (mindfulness / spirituality and leadership).
  • Mission First Mentality: Focus on the Trodo tribe to drive decision making and actions to help others be the best versions of themselves, and drive social connection and health.
  • Mental Game On-Point: Consistently show up calm, organized, in a stress free mental state, and always leads with a positive, can-do attitude. Work should always be a ton of fun, because we’re changing peoples’ lives and providing the best hour of their day!
  • Attentive & Communicative: Incredibly attentive listener and powerful communicator.
  • Excellence & Resourcefulness: Always strives for quality and impact with the Trodo mission at the forefront, strives to do things right, and leverages people and resources to get the job done.
  • Coach, Serve & Love Relentlessly: Be engaged 100% of the time and ready to serve all day, every day.
  • Teach Mobility Skills: Continuously learn and teach athletes self, soft-tissue skills to achieve pain free movement patterns.
  • Athlete Engagement: Engage athletes 1:1 to drive attendance to 3 or more visits more week, on average. Assist 1:1 with goal-setting, mobility plans, nutrition guidance, etc.
  • Hustle: we’re a start-up company, looking for hustlers with lots of grit to help us change the world! Buckle up...here we go!

Management Responsibilities

  • Coach Development: Be partners and guides to support the coach leadership journey and professional development.
  • Athlete Engagement & KPIs: Drive strategic initiatives to ensure 40% workforce engagement and 3 or more visits per week.
  • Client Engagement: Serve as a lead client relationship manager to share program updates, impact and to collaborate on client needs.