Is This Your Vibe?

  • Are you a confident, self-sufficient, and outgoing fitness coach?
  • Are you a natural communicator that loves interacting with people, persuading them to follow you, understanding how they’re motivated? And, do you have a knack for getting groups to collaborate and smile?
  • Is your social butterfly style empathetic and perpetually optimistic, causing people to migrate towards you because of your magnetic energy?
  • Are you fast paced, full of energy, and thrive off an environment where you get to move quickly and think on your feet while interacting with people all day long?
  • Are you able to rock out a process, crush tasks and details, and follow through like a ninja?

If you thought, “heck yea, that’s me!!” then we want to hear from you!

To apply, complete the application form and take 3-4 minutes to complete our culture Index Survey:

Position Summary

Trodo at Freedman is located on the west side of Chicago within Freedman Seating Company. We make group-based functional fitness more financially and emotionally accessible by serving this population that would not typically have access.

We are seeking a full-time employee to manage this location. The annual salary is $35k - $42k annually, based on experience and level of responsibility.

Since Trodo is located within a workplace, the schedule is incredible relative to the rest of the fitness industry. You'll be staffed from 9am-6pm, M-F, no holidays, no weekends! And, you won’t have any membership sales or marketing responsibilities. You just get to spend quality time with the Trodo family, coach your face off and take on additional gym management responsibilities based on your talent and interests! Not to mention, this role includes 1-hour per day to complete the Trodo workout / “party” and a Lululemon clothing stipend. Yea, this is the best gig in fitness.

Experience Required

  • Leadership: leadership experience and desire to lead a tribe of athletes.
  • Education/Certifications: Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. A fitness certification is required, unless you’re actively training in a high-intensity, functional fitness environment (like or similar to CrossFit).
  • Fitness Focus: aligns with and practices high intensity, functional fitness, combining body weight movement, cardio and barbell movements. Experience training in a high-intensity, functional fitness environment is highly preferred.
  • Fitness Proficiency: proficient with using a barbell (squats, presses, deadlifts, etc.) and with body weight movements (including unassisted pull-ups and push-ups).
  • Mobility / Soft Tissue Care: experience is a plus, and desire and excitement to learn advanced mobility techniques is required.
  • Savvy w/ Technology: basic proficiency with using email, excel, word, etc., and cool as a cucumber when learning new tips and tricks.

To apply, complete the application form and take 3-4 minutes to complete our culture Index Survey: